Hardware Against Software Piracy 

HASP started sharing the Egyptian software protection market since 1994. When we started our marketing for HASP in Egypt, we've never thought that it will have such success. We faced that the market is really suffering from irresponsible people making copies of their software in a very easy and unforbidden way. Egyptian software developers was loosing thousands of Egyptian Pounds due to piracy. Developers who want to tackle the Arabic market was very depressed by the high rate piracy in Egypt and Arabic countries at that time. 
Due to these facts at that time, it was no problem for us to convince developers to protect their investments. Our first deals was with four of the main leaders in the software developing field; DMS, Alpha Misr, Prosoft, and OFIS.
Due to its very high performance, reliability, high security capability, and LOW PRICE HASP became the No.1 protection key in Egypt. 

Today we have more than 40 Egyptian Software House using HASP to protect their software. 

Anti-Piracy in Egypt, 

For more information about software Piracy please check the following sites: 

  • SIIA 
  • BSA 
  • Nopiracy 
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