The HiTech Division is mainly concerned with the HiTech products in fields of educational software, educational hardware computerized labs, providing IT complete solutions, supplying and erecting textile machinery, offering engineering and technical services, and providing Anti-Piracy protection systems (HASP).  

We represent (as authorized Agent/Dealer or distributor) many companies in these fields, among those are : (*)  

  • CIMATRON Ltd., provider of CAD/CAM solutions and technical DBMS's. 
  • PAC, Supplier of Biomedical Spare parts. 
  • Measurement Instruments , Measurement instruments including to the following Activities: 
  • Thickness measurements and cracks detection by using Ultrasonic waves. 
  • Gas Detection (Oxygen deficiency, Toxic and nontoxic gasses, Flammability). 
  • Multimeters (Digital, Analogue). 
  • Conductivity, pH meters. 
  • Measurements of speed using tachometer. 
  • Oscilloscopes Digital, Analogue (Single, Double channel). 
  • Pulse generation. 
  • Electric motors(AC,DC)With a different volumes